Hi! I’m Josh Müller.

I love technology, communications, creation, leadership, learning new things, and basically just all of life in general!

This is my Hello page — how I prefer to keep in touch, and why:

  • Email is the best way to contact me. You can start an email conversation with me from my contact page.
  • If you want to schedule a chat, you can do it through my Cal.com link.
  • My online identity is basically wholly connected to this site you’re currently reading. You can see my blog and other writings here, or subscribe here
  • I recently started automatically syndicating my posts to Mastodon, but I don’t monitor messages or notifications there.
  • I don’t use social media beyond the above. I do have placeholder accounts on many platforms (usually under the handle theJoshMuller), which I use in case of emergencies or in the rare cases of needing to contact the someone whom I can’t otherwise find means to contact. But otherwise I don’t use any of those accounts.