Hi! I’m Josh Müller.

I love technology, communications, creation, leadership, learning new things, and basically just all of life in general!

This is my Hello page — how I prefer to keep in touch, and why:

  • Email is the best way to contact me. I don’t publish my email address online, but you can use my contact page to email me.
  • If you want to schedule a chat, you can do it through my Calendar link.
  • If you have my phone number, I use and prefer Signal and Element for messaging. I also have WhatsApp but prefer using an alternative when possible. I am out of country often, so standard “calling” or SMS/MMS is generally not a great way to contact me.
  • My online identity is basically wholly connected to this site you’re currently reading. You can see my blog and other writings here, or subscribe to it via RSS (?) here.
  • I don’t use any other social media beyond the above, except in extremely rare cases when I’m otherwise unable to find a way to communicate with someone I’m needing to contact. If you find any account in my name on a social media platform, you can assume I won’t ever see messages sent to it, and I won’t be notified of mentions/interactions with it.