My Projects

I love digging into a good project, and seeing it succeed.

Here’s a few of those recent projects:

The Good Canadian Challenge

The Good Canadian Challenge is a campaign designed in partnership with Jenkins Media, to encourage Canadians towards sponsoring refugees fleeing ISIS and the Syrian Civil War.  Find out more…


Philanthropy: The Social Justice Game

Philanthropy: The Social Justice Game is a board game co-designed by Alex Pezzutto and myself. The game is designed to act as an entertaining introduction to the world of social justice, and the tools available to social justice programs and workers around the world, in a variety of fields including poverty alleviation, refugees, and human trafficking.

Ankara Refugee Ministry

Ankara Refugee Ministry is a ministry of Kurtulus Church which serves thousands of refugees in and around Ankara, Turkey, by providing them with food packages, language training, and skills training, among other things. It was a program I had the honor to coordinating from 2015 to 2016.