We have within each of our skulls an inbuilt technology that allows us to take our very thoughts — no matter how simple or complex — and through either rhythmic vibrations of air molecules propagating in waves between our mouths and our recipients’ ears, or through multiple series of lines of chaotic squiggles, dots, and shapes representing those vibrations in visual form, we have the capacity to transmit our very thoughts from our brain to someone else’s brain.

That’s insane.

We probably struggle to even quantify what an “idea” is at its essence. Yet, every child since the genesis of human civilization has had this brain-to-brain idea-transmission technology hardwired into their neurology from just few short years after their birth.

Arguably, it’s the single most important tool that enabled the growth and spread of civilization in the first place.

Language is amazing!

Yet, somehow, we’ve achieved the maybe even more amazing feat of creating an education system that makes language boring — nothing more than a required class in school where we memorize and apply grammar rules, or get forced to read old books that feel inapplicable to our lives today.

Foundational technology of civilization, to a begrudged obligatory “check-mark” on a transcript.


Take a moment to be in awe of the near-magic that is language today.