Human civilization has existed for thousands of years — eons of empires rising and falling; of knowledge being created and lost; and of stories being lived, told, written, and retold.

There is a LOT that came before us…

And there will be a LOT that comes after us.

You and I only get a small handful of decades to exist and be a part of it. But the bigger story continues on.

I think it’d be beneficial if we spent more time thinking from that perspective.

What if we made more decisions based on how it would impact our great, great grandchildren? What if we took a break from thinking so singularly about the short-term — this week, this month, this year — and instead spent some time thinking about what we’re building that will last for a century, or beyond?

A Brazil Nut tree can live over 1,000 years, and produce enough calories every year to feed 3 people. That’s potentially 30+ generations being fed by one person simply choosing to plant a tree.

I think we’d do a lot of good for ourselves, our lineage, and our “neighbors” if we were to spend a little less time thinking about today, and instead spend a little more time thinking in centuries.