Lots of issues in the world today seem to come back to the “race to the bottom”.

Creating the lowest prices and most convenience for consumers… Even if that comes at the cost of the lives of children.

Taking as much attention as possible… Even if that results in nations destablizing, and teen suicide rates skyrocketing.

Getting as deeply as possible ingrained into people’s habits and brain stems, becoming as addictive as the technology and the law allows, extracting every gram of monetization we can, no matter the cost or the side effects…
Because “if we don’t do it, someone else will”.

If we don’t win the “race to the bottom”, someone else will.

It’s been said that, “every system built on extraction will eventually crumble”.

Sometimes, looking at how we as humanity are stewarding this world, I wonder if someone took that line as a challenge instead of a warning.

So, it’s worth asking how can we do the opposite?

How can we model and partake in supply chains that make the world better for kids instead of worse?

How can we use technology in a way that makes our lives, the lives of our communities, and the world a better place?

How can we regenerate instead of extract?

How can we “Race to the Top”?

Whatever the answer, I think our role in it starts with you and me modeling it and living it out.

So, let’s do it. Let’s do what we can to Race to the Top instead of the bottom.