I’m an ever-growing fan of the webcomic medium.

I love the diversity of styles. I love the jokes. I love reading the archives of a good webcomic and seeing the creator’s progression and improvement overtime.

Maybe most of all, I just love getting a chuckle when a comic comes up on my RSS reader, and getting to share that chuckle by passing it on to a friend.

(Dear friends, sorry about all the webcomics I send you. 😅 ~ Much love, Josh)

Here are a few webcomics I love! (Along with the RSS feeds they can be followed at.)

The Awkward Yeti: Heart and Brain

First stop is Heart and Brain.

It’s a comic about sentient body parts. Brain is over analytical. Heart is emotional. Tongue loves sweets.

Coffee makes regular appearances… as do a range of emotions and challenges that come along with being a human being, discussed in a really fun, disarming, and relatable way.

Heart & Brain

I’m a big fan. I think you’ll like them to! RSS feed available here.

Itchy Feet

Itchy Feet is a webcomic about world-traveling, language-learning, and foreign-culture-navigating beans. Or… at least… I think they’re beans?

As an language loving vagabond myself, there are a ton of Itchy Feet comics I find myself resonating with.

Itchy Feet: Turkey

RSS feed is here.


One of the grand-daddies of them all.

xkcd is a webcomic that has come out 3x weekly for almost 20 years.

In the words of its creator, it’s “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”

Some of my favorite things. 😁

Lots of nerdiness. Lots of inside jokes. It’s a party. RSS, here.


Sarah’s Scribbles

If Sarah’s Scribbles had to be summed up in one word, that word would need to be “adulting”.

“Adulting” can be hard. The life of the millennial can be challenging. Sarah sums those challenges (especially, the laughablity of them) in her webcomic. Add this URL to your feed reader to follow her.

Sarah’s Scribbles

Poorly Drawn Lines

Easily the dumbest comic on my list… but also, probably the one I’ve shared the most often.

Poorly Drawn Lines is about… well…

Honestly… I have no idea…

I’ve read probably a few hundred of his comics over the years, and I genuinely don’t know how to describe them.

There’s probably indeed some fancy term like “socio-existential self-referentialism” or something that would be an apt description. I have no idea.

All I know is that, when I was trying to come up with that term☝🏻 , I almost choked on an apple while laughing at one of his comics.

Follow Reza and his Poorly Drawn RSS feed here

Poorly Drawn Lines

Strange Planet

Honestly, probably my favorite of this list.

Strange Planet is a comic about how alien it is to be human. Nathan Pyle takes those pieces of everyday life that have become so normal to us, and gives them a new and bizarre spin, reminding us how beautiful, amazing, wondrous, and strange life is.

Strange Planet

I love Strange Planet so much it gets two comics:

Strange Planet

The only trick with Strange Planet is than Pyle only shares his comics on Instagram… meaning that I’ve missed a majority of them since my exodus from the platform a few years ago, as Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to follow content on their site unless you’re a user.

Luckily, while writing this post, I discovered that some kind people over on Reddit have been faithfully reposting the Strange Planet comics there, and you can follow subreddits with RSS!

So, I have some catching up to do in my free time the next few days. 😁