When a new project, decision, or chapter-of-life comes our way, there also quite often seems to come a simple but nearly-invisible choice for us to make:

We can chose the easy path, where we proceed “the way we’ve always done it”, going forward well-founded on the ideas and knowledge that we’ve already acquired and tested over the years…

Or, we can chose the more scary path that forces us to learn new things — the path that requires we get stretched in our knowledge, skills, and understanding — the path where not growing and adapting, or not learning that new tool or process, would mean that we simply don’t succeed.

The former is much more comfortable, and I’m sure there come times when it’s the “right” path to choose.

But it does seem to me that choosing the path that requires us to expand the boundaries of our knowledge and skill (even if it’s just a bit) is almost always the better option.