Sometimes it’s easy to fall prey to the dual lies that 1) we’ll have our loved ones in our life more-or-less forever, and 2) that love is something that we can give too much of or run out of.

It can be easy to withhold a kind word because we think we might not be creative enough to top it or live up to it later… or we might decide not to give that gift, thinking that maybe it would be better to wait and give it some other time…

But love is a renewable resource, and time is not.

The more you love, the more you’ll be able to love.

Time, on the other hand, WILL run out…
Usually before you’re ready,
and too often as a surprise.

You won’t always have your loved ones around.

So, don’t ration your love for them while you do.

Give the more generous gift.
Hold that hug a good while longer.
Say that kind word, then start drafting another.
Do for them that task they’ve been not wanting to do.
Turn off your phone and skip out on that event to be able to instead spend some quality time together.

Time will run out long before Love does.

So, don’t ration the latter.