I love personal websites and blogs.

The idea of having a little chunk of the internet that is wholly yours, where you can post, and create, and make completely on your own terms is really cool to me. I’ve loved creating content that way the last few years.

And I’m also finding that I really like consuming content from people who create that way.

A blog on a personal website tends to feel so much more deep and well-thought-through than a Tweet, or Mastodon/microblog, or any other social media content. It feels very high signal, which I value.

And when a site/blog owner is actively involved in cool stuff, getting to read their ideas, projects, and other thoughts in a form longer than a Tweet but shorter than a book has been something I’ve really been loving!

Plus, you can subscribe via RSS, so no need to be exposed to exploitative big-tech companies to consume content from from cool people.

Beyond just the medium of blogging, the practice is something worth recommending!

Regular blogging on your personal website is a great way to practice and hone written communication skills, to get smarter, to clarify your thoughts, to get away from big tech, be generous with your ideas (which I love), and to just all around make the internet a better place.

All that to say, I’m a fan of it!

And, if you’re reading this, then I want to read your blog!


If you have a blog, please send it to me, and I’ll subscribe!

(That is, if I’m not already subscribed; some of you reading this have blogs I’m already subscribed to. 🙃 You should post more, btw 😉 )

If you don’t have a website/blog yet, why not start one today?

If you want help, reach out. I’d honestly love to help you get writing, and I’d love to read what you write.