A note to my future self (and to whomever else this may concern ๐Ÿ™ƒ):

When you chew on questions like “should I go to the gym?” or “should I go for a run?”, almost always there’s at least some resistance you encounter which makes answering with a “yes” challenging.

Often the inner monolog goes something like, “that’s too hard”, or “meh, it’s not worth it”.

Because of that, it has been not-uncommon for you to chose the path-of-least-resistance, and not put in the work… to not get sweaty.

This note is just a quick reminder that, in contrast to that resistance you feel about getting up and getting after it, in truth you have never gotten back from exercising and regretted having exercised.

You more or less always feel significantly better โ€” body, soul, AND mind โ€” for having gotten some kind of workout in.

Never, that I can remember, do you feel worse.

The resistance we feel to getting up and getting after it seems, in retrospect, to almost always be a lie.

And, I’m guessing that applies to a lot more than just getting a good workout in. ๐Ÿง