I heard this piece of advice recently:

Never let a day pass without doing something that will serve you 10 years from now.


I want to make a habit of that.

But, it got me pondering, why stop there?

What if we never let a month pass without taking tangible action to make life better for our great grandchildren, 100 years from now?

How would your life look different if you were regularly thinking about, and working towards, making the world 100+ years in the future a better place?

Or, again, why stop there?

What if every year that passed, each one of us took purposeful and trackable action towards trying to make the world 1,000 years from now a better place?

That might sound crazy… but I don’t know if it needs to.

There are projects that were started 2,000+ years ago that are still feeding people, today!

Books written thousands of years ago still are widely read and influential to us today.

Our societies, our governments, our science and mathematics, our languages, our ecologies, and even our economies have all been shaped by hundreds and thousands of years of our ancestors’ actions.

Their legacy is our lived reality.

Just as our legacy will be our ancestors’ lived realities.

So, what if we lived like that was the case, and strived to take regular action make their world a better place?

Obviously, it’s impossible to have any level of confidence about what the world will look like in 1,000 years. Almost assuredly, everything about culture, society, language, and geopolitics will look vastly different.

But that was the case for the billions who came before us and brought us to the place we are today… and, yet, we’re still a product of their actions (both positively, and negatively).

So will be the case with our actions.

So, it’s probably worth acting accordingly.