Do you litter?

Probably not. Or, at least, probably not often.

Not a lot of people actively try to use the planet as their personal trash can…

Yet, often it seems like so many public spaces are a MESS.

İt’s interesting to ponder why…

İmagine for a moment that 1,000 people walk down a clean street, and just 1 out of 10 of them drop just a single piece of trash onto the street.

That becomes a very trash-filled street very quickly, due to the actions of a fairly small minority.

İt doesn’t take much to wreck the experience for everyone.

That sucks.

But now, imagine this:

What if even fewer people — just 1 out of every 20 — decided that they’d pick up and dispose of just 4 pieces of garbage as they walked down that same street?

Think that through for a second.

Run the math.

What happens to that street?

İt VERY quickly becomes trash-free again!

And, even more beautifully, the street STAYS trash free, even though the first group continues to litter!

The carelessness and wrecklessness of a small minority can ruin the experience for everyone else…

But it takes even fewer people purposefully choosing to make the world just a little bit better to not just FİX the problem, but to keep it fixed.

So, pick up some trash the next time you’re out!

And, also, this post is about WAY MORE than just trash…