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How to Subscribe to Substack Newsletters with RSS

I have been pretty outspoken on my love of RSS as a replacement for social media feeds. It’s a recurring topic on this blog. There have even been a number of people who found my post How to Subscribe to Mailchimp Newsletters With RSS through a random Google search, and later ended up reaching out to me and thanking me for writing it because they found it useful. (If you’re one of those readers, Helloooo!...

February 17, 2024 · 2 min · 298 words · Josh
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Never Do the Same Task Thrice

I’m dabbling with an idea, and testing whether it’s a good fit for work and life. Thus far, I’ve been liking the fruit of it. Basically, the idea can be expressed as follows: If I find myself doing the same (or a very similar) task 3 or more times, it’s worth starting to look closely at that task and to figure out a better system for it. After doing a given task a few times, you start to get the hang of it....

November 23, 2023 · 3 min · 548 words · Josh
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Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?

Sometimes a reboot is the best option. Sometimes things just get too much to keep up with, and the best option is knocking it down and trying again. Could have been an issue with taking on too much. Could have been lack of good systems for managing the challenges that would arise. Could have been something completely unforeseeable and beyond our control. But regardless, there comes a time where resetting is all-around a better option than trying to push forward on something that’s not working....

September 18, 2022 · 2 min · Josh