I have been pretty outspoken on my love of RSS as a replacement for social media feeds. It’s a recurring topic on this blog. There have even been a number of people who found my post How to Subscribe to Mailchimp Newsletters With RSS through a random Google search, and later ended up reaching out to me and thanking me for writing it because they found it useful.

(If you’re one of those readers, Helloooo! 👋🏻😊)

Similar to that post, there is another popular newsletter service with a slightly hidden feature, which I wanted to write a quick post about.

A few people I’ve talked to have been surprised when I told them that you can actually follow any free Substack Newsletter through RSS.

(I assume that’s also the case for paid content, but I’m not subscribed to any paid Substack newsletters, so I’m not familiar with how that works.)

Finding a Substack RSS feed is really simple. Just like WordPress’ default RSS configuration, the feed for any free Substack newsletter can be found by adding /feed to the end of the domain, like this:


So, for Darryl Cooper’s history Substack, which is normally found at https://martyrmade.substack.com, his RSS feed would be found at:


This also works to find feeds for Substack newsletters that are hosted on custom domains, such as Pragmatic Engineer’s, which would be found at:


Hope that helps you keep your inboxes clean, and your reading rich and fascinating!

P.S. The Get RSS Feed URL browser extension has also been super useful for me in this! If you run it on any Substack newsletter, it’ll give you the feed URL you need to be able to subscribe. Much easier than trying to remember the /feed rule every time you want to subscribe!