I’ve had lots of experiences over the years of looking forward to a new movie or TV show being released.

In some cases, that excitement for an upcoming release would last months or years. The year-long wait for Endgame after Infinity War came out comes to mind.

Lately, though, I find movies and TV shows to be much less the focus of my anticipation. I can’t currently think of a new movie I’m excited to see when it comes out.

However, I did realize that there are 3 books that are due to come out this next year(ish) that I’m excited to read!

So, I thought I’d share a few of them here:

  1. Slow Productivity by Cal Newport: This one is due to come out soonest, so it will probably be the first one I’ll read. I’ve followed Cal since the first time I read Digital Minimalism in 2019. (I’ve re-read it probably 3-4 times thereafter.) Since then, I have come to be a big fan of his philosophy of lifestyle and productivity. Slow Productivity, as I understand it, is about how working deeply over a long period of time on a project can sometimes be much more useful and leave a better legacy than the scattered and frenetic work situations that we often find ourselves in today in modern knowledge work.

  2. Wind and Truth by Brandon Sanderson : A few friends got me into Brandon Sanderson’s writings at the start of the pandemic, and I quickly got hooked. Wind and Truth is the fifth 1,000+ page long book in Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series. It’s… a lot 😅. But I love the story! I’m working through finishing book #4 right now, so I’ll be ready for book 5 by its December 2024 release date.

  3. Unnamed Tuberculosis Book by John Green : this is honestly maybe the one I’m most excited about, but it’s also the one that might not be available this year. As an author, John Green is best known for his young adult novels, but lately, he’s been getting really into the impacts of Tuberculosis on the world’s most vulnerable. I actually wrote about one of his campaigns last year. Well, apparently he’s writing a book about Tuberculosis. Best I can tell, it’s yet untitled, and has no release date… so it might be ambitious to hope that I’ll be able to read it in 2024. But, I’m still looking forward to reading it, whenever it comes out. 😊

I’m not sure what it says about me that I’m in a place of now deeply looking forward to new books coming out, in comparison to just a few years ago having kept all of that anticipation for movies and shows.

But, I think I like this new way of being. 😁