Below is a model for our injection molded plastic toilet frame design. This is just for the frame. The final shipped version will include a bucket, a scoop, a toilet seat (mounted to the injection molded frame via the two small holes), and 50kg of sawdust — enough for a family to use for a few weeks.

The wider vision for this project is explained in this article:
Fighting Cholera With Sawdust

Download STL

Download PDF Spec File

Note: ☝🏻 demo is not measured or to scale. Just a visual representation

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Important Specs of Injection Molded Toilet Frame:

  • Stackable! Design should be able to stack multiple of these frames on top of each other for efficient usage of space in transportation. If they can still be stacked well when the toilet seats are installed, even better!
  • Strong enough to hold a +140kg person sitting on it without worry of collapse
  • Solid enough build that it can last for years without worry of breaking
  • Able to fit a standard 18.9 litre paint bucket (roughly 33.5 cm tall, with a ~30cm diameter top under the main hole) comfortably underneath
  • two small holes such that a standard toilet seat would mount in them properly, and that the seat would cover the main whole properly when the toilet is not in use
  • The URL “” debossed somewhere visable on the frame (possibly, behind the toilet seat)