The blank page is scary.

It’s unclear what “should” go on it.

“What should I write about?”
“What should I draw?”
“What should I make?”

Not to mention, there’s the terrifying element of we don’t want to mess this up!

If we leave the page blank, it stays clean. We can have the satisfaction of not having made any mistakes. We know we can walk away without having failed. Leaving the page blank is comforting.

Except that then, the work never gets done.

Then, the world doesn’t get to be impacted by what you’ve made.
Then, we miss out on experiencing the work that only you can bring.

What’s really worth remembering is that every day we get is a blank page.

Every day is a canvas of 1440 minutes that we get to fill with whatever we want.
Every day is a blank slate, until we fill it up and it passes.
Then, another day, another blank page.

And we only get a surprisingly limited number of those “blank pages” to work with.

So, let’s learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. Let’s learn to love that blank page, and make the most of every one we get.

Vincent van Gogh put it well:

“Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas.
But the blank canvas is afraid of the painter who dares and who has broken the spell of ‘you can’t’ once and for all.”