There are a lot of reasons single-use plastic waste is problematic.

However, completely stopping using single-use plastic can be pretty difficult…

Improvement, however, is comparatively pretty easy!

Take a minute to think through the single-use plastic you’ve thrown away this week.

Are there any patterns?
Anything you threw out several times throughout the week?
Utensils, coffee cups, water bottles, plastic bags, meat packaging?

Note one or two instances that stuck out.
There is likely a simple habit change that you can make which will make it so you won’t need to use that type of single-use plastic again.

  • Carry bamboo or metal utensils with you
  • Use a reusable coffee cup
  • Bring cloth bags
  • Take a sealable glass container to the butcher

Ultimately, it’s probably best to work towards no single-use plastic.
But don’t let perfection be the enemy to improvement.

Take one step in the right direction. Make it a habit.

Once that habit change is solid, repeat.