A couple years ago, a friend recommended to me the music of Steve Schallert. I actually included one of his songs in my first post on my website. Around that time, I probably listened to his album Songs of Sorrow / Songs of Hope on repeat like 50x in a row.

Well, yesterday one of his songs came up after a long season without any of his music, and the last section of the song was especially powerful and moving! I’ve since found myself playing it on repeat again. πŸ˜…

So, I wanted to share it!

Here’s the song, and the lyrics that hit me especially hard.


He Was Numbered Among the Lawless

For the mothers and their daughters
For the sons who have lost their fathers
For the vagrants and the refugees
For the children who have become commodities
For the homeless seeking daily bread
Begging pocket change needing to be fed
For the immigrant working endless days
Exploited on a promise with no pay raise
For the prisoner locked inside his cell
Counting those days as he rots in hell
For the victims of this wretched war
And for the movement that we’ll just keep marching for